25 Helpful Tips for Writing Successful Facebook and Instagram Ads

Writing successful advertisements can be a complex process. There are so many elements to consider to make sure your audience is engaged. Don’t worry, Brainity has compiled the perfect list for you. In our newest post you can find 25 helpful tips for writing successful ads

An estimated $58 billion is expected to be spent on e-commerce on advertising this year. However, not all of the ads created have the impact that their creators are hoping for. This leads to money wasted on ads that aren’t working and an exhausted budget. 

Writing the perfect ads could be the difference between you engaging successfully with your target audience or losing them with ineffectiveness. This isn’t always so easy, though. There are many elements to keep in mind for the creation of effective ads, so Brainity has compiled them all in one place. 

25 helpful tips for writing successful ads

Here is a list that will help you get started writing powerful ads in no time:

  1. Use a powerful headline. Headlines quickly help consumers decide whether or not they want to interact with your ad
  2. Talk about the benefits of your product or service
  3. Include a call to action. This will drive your consumers to take the next steps like “shop now” or “save more”
  4. Establish trust with your audience. They are will be more inclined to buy from a brand they trust
  5. Create a sense of urgency with your ad to move consumers to action as soon as possible
  6. Include keywords in your copy to help your audience find your ads easier
  7. Let the audience know what makes your brand unique
  8. Use a consistent brand voice across advertisements. 
  9. Include prices and promotions or exclusive items. A pro tip here is to make sure your prices end in .99
  10. Don’t be afraid to add humor to your ad copy. This can make for a more memorable ad
  11. Use simple language; no jargon. It’s good to try to use your consumers’ language
  12. Use exciting and captivating graphics that can communicate without words
  13. Include emojis in your copy. This helps consumers to connect with an emotion
  14. Make the most of the character limit on social media platforms. Don’t leave any useful characters behind 
  15. Know your consumer pain points and how your product might solve their problem
  16. Be aware of what your competitors are writing about and take it into consideration
  17. Stay up to date on trends and keep your ads relevant
  18. Don’t make your ad copy too wordy
  19. Be transparent and don’t overpromise. Know what your company’s’ limits are
  20. Establish a user persona, and write your ads as if you’re talking to them. Using this tip can also help establish a more consistent tone
  21. Consider your audiences’ emotions and values and remember to incorporate these into your copy
  22. Be conscious of spelling and grammar. Your consumers might be put off by misspelled words or awkward phrasing
  23. Address your customers directly. Try not to take a formal tone, rather, try using words such as “you” or “your”
  24. Create multiple ads in an ad group and test them out to find out what works best with your audience 
  25. Use an ad library. Ad libraries are great for getting inspiration for ad copy. Brainity is home to the largest ad library on the internet. Try it today for free.

Ad libraries help you write the perfect ad with ease. With an ad library, hundreds of copywriting templates will be readily available at your fingertips. You can search for a keyword or even search by theme to ensure the right tone for your target audience. 

Brainity helps you succeed

Writing for your ads is very important, but there are a lot more steps afterward. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate strategy and technical optimization along with unique advertisements that help consumers throughout the entire customer journey, Brainity is a great place to start. With our software, you can build Facebook advertising funnels and drive traffic to your website all on autopilot. 

If you want to write more effective ads without the complexity, try Brainity for free for 14 days and see how your experience can be different.

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