Velites case study: increased sales & ROAS

Velites Case Study

Matias Hernandez Van Waes and a team of engineers, athletes, and designers founded Velites as a specialty sports equipment store in 2015.

customer journey advertising case study

Headquartered in Pamplona, Spain, they promote the brand with an eclectic range of promotional initiatives like hosting contests and giveaways, sponsoring sporting events, leveraging athlete influencers, and creating high-quality video content for social channels.

Velites installed the Brainity app on their Shopify store 9 months ago looking to improve the results from their paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram and increase sales by building an advertising funnel.

After installing the app, Matias used the step-by-step campaign building feature to create a sophisticated advertising sequence.

Building Velites’ Advertising funnel

Within minutes Brainity analyzed Velites’ Facebook Pixel data and generated 3 distinct self-optimizing campaigns to send contextual ads to guide each visitor’s customer journey and help them progress through Discovering, Trusting and making their Purchase.

1. Top of the funnel : Discovering

The first campaign was created to attract new visitors to the store and stimulate interest. The ads featured eye-catching videos of Velites’ top influencer athletes. Targeting lookalike audiences from past customers and a strategic interest-based audience.

2. Middle of the funnel : Trusting

The second campaign targeted prospective new customers who engaged with the top of the funnel ad content or visited the store’s landing page or social media accounts. These warm leads were guided deeper into Velites’ funnel with store reviews, testimonials, and sale announcements.

3. Bottom of the funnel : Buying

The final campaign targeted the warmest prospect, who visited a specific product page or abandoned something in their shopping cart. Based on the visitors behavior they were dynamically shown the exact items they showed interest in and motivated with a discount offer.

The Results

By using customer journey prospecting and retargeting campaigns Velites was able to grow online sales in Spain by 593%. Their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) increased by 7x through the entire 10-month partnership and their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) reduced by 89.5%.

The long and short of it? Without increasing their advertising budget, Velites massively increased sales and brand engagement.

We’re proud of Velites’ success and love helping e-commerce companies grow. Get started with Brainity for free and see for yourself how automated customer journey advertising can impact your business.

Feel free to download and share this case study as a PDF.

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