30 Expert Ways to Reduce Ecommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment affects many ecommerce businesses across the globe. However, there are way to reduce this. Here are 28 ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment occurs whenever a consumer begins the checkout process for an online order but does not complete the purchase of items in the shopping cart. On average, ecommerce consumers abandon their cart before making a purchase at a rate of 88%. 

In other words, eight out of ten shoppers won’t complete their transaction. Though this statistic is startling there are methods to reduce this number. Here are 30 ways you can reduce shopping cart abandonment in your ecommerce stores and instead help guide customers through the end of their shopping journey. 

How to reduce shopping cart abandonment

You can reduce shopping cart abandonment with the following tips:

  1. Show a progress indicator at the top of the checkout page so that shoppers know what stage they’re at, and can easily navigate back
  2. Make sure navigation between the cart and store is quick and easy
  3. Add social proof such as posting product reviews or allowing consumers with verified purchases to upload photos of the product
  4. Include a consistent call to action on your checkout pages. This can be simple words such as “Continue” or “Checkout”
  5. Make it easy to save shopping carts. Consumers might want to step away and think about their purchasing decision, so it’s important to make it effortless to return to the items in their cart
  6. Offer guest checkout options. Don’t make it mandatory for your consumers to create an account as this can deter them from completing their purchase
  7. Offer a money-back guarantee or other assurances, so consumers feel comfortable buying and know they can return the item if they don’t like it
  8. Include images of products throughout the purchasing process. This will help consumers keep in mind what they are buying
  9. Be clear about all costs upfront. This includes shipping, surcharges, and other fees that may be hidden from the consumer
  10. Integrate trust in your transaction forms. You can do this by including logos of the security software you use for checkout
  11. Make sure your page loads quickly
  12. Try conversational marketing in your contact forms, so that consumers feel like they’re communicating with someone
  13. Use retargeting strategies to remarket to shopping cart abandoners. Brainity is a great place to start

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  14. Offer multiple payment options such as Apple Pay, Samsung pay, PayPal, etc. in addition to the credit card and debit card options
  15. Create an exit-intent strategy or use pop up messaging right as shoppers are about to leave the page
  16. Create a sense of urgency. This can include language such as “This deal won’t last long” or “Only a few more left in stock”
  17. Use your website analytics to find out where consumers are dropping off
  18. Give incentives based on cart total. An example of this could be free shipping on purchases of $50 or more
  19. Be sure consumers see ads that are relevant to their position in the marketing funnel
  20. Offer a price match guarantee if customers find the same product cheaper
  21. Send personalized follow-up emails. Try including the consumer’s name and the items in their cart
  22. Ensure the checkout process is not long and confusing
  23. Be upfront about quantity limits. Don’t wait until the checkout page to tell shoppers there is a limit on the quantity of product they can purchase
  24. Be transparent about the return and refund policy and make sure this policy is crystal clear. This offers reassurance to your consumers
  25. Offer live chat support and other friendly customer service options such as a number to call or an email to reach out to 
  26. Provide different delivery options such as same-day delivery, standard delivery, or even free delivery
  27. Show a persistent reminder of cart contents while consumers continue to browse your website. 
  28. Include virtual interaction with the product if possible
  29. Provide a mobile-friendly experience
  30. Make sure your web design is friendly and trustworthy. This can include having professional branding and listing social media presence

How Brainity can help with cart abandonment

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