Top 11 Most Effective Facebook Retargeting Tips

Use these retargeting messages for a successful retargeting ad in the middle and bottom of your marketing funnel

Retargeting is an advertising strategy with the goal of reaching back out to past visitors who have interacted in some way with your products, store, or Facebook and Instagram page. This strategy is mainly used in the middle and bottom of the marketing funnel and can increase your ecommerce conversion rates significantly.

Retargeting offers the opportunity to gain more traffic to your website from past visitors, your Facebook and Instagram engagers, product viewers, and recover abandoned carts. However, it isn’t as simple as making an advertisement that shows off a product your past visitor may have been interested in. 

You also have to consider the message that you’re sending with the ad and where inside the advertising funnel the consumer may have gotten stuck. The message needs to be effective enough to bring the consumer back, and encourage them to make a purchase. 

When crafting your message for retargeting you may need inspiration or a little help on where to start. Try out these different retargeting tactics in your ad copy to successfully drive traffic back to your ecommerce store.  

Middle of the funnel retargeting tips

The middle of the marketing funnel is where you build trust and engagement with your audience. Consumers stuck here have shown interest in your brand and need more information before they make a purchase. Here is where you showcase your products and focus on your unique selling points.

The audience at this stage in the funnel are your social media engagers such as followers, people who see organic posts, etc. It also includes those who visit your homepage or other pages, but not product pages or checkout. This audience does not include those who are not aware of your brand or those who have already made a purchase. 

Retargeting ads at this stage should be informative and educate your potential customers while also communicating how you stand out from your competitors. Here are a few retargeting tips that are perfect for consumers in the middle of the marketing funnel. 

1. Discuss how your product solves your consumers’ problem 

When consumers are shopping for a product they are looking for a solution to a problem that they have. Chances are, they are doing their research as they continue to build trust with your brand. Take some of the guesswork out of their shopping experience, and tell them in your ad copy how your brand can help. 

You could also include other products your consumer may be interested in that would work towards solving their problem. For example, if your consumer is looking for a good backpack for hiking, chances are they would be interested in hiking boots or a water bottle too. Incorporate how these products could help them as well. 

Ad Copy Example: “This product isn’t just weekday wear. Style it with your weekend outfits too!”

2. Highlight the quality of your products to show what sets you apart from other brands

Your ad copy should also highlight the quality of your products’ materials, showcase the company’s values, and other unique selling points that set it above the rest. For example, if your product is sustainable, make note of that and the materials it’s made of. 

This tactic works because consumers will be able to go directly to your ecommerce store without opening a tab to do any other research. The retargeting ad should be a reminder of why they were interested enough to move from top of the funnel to the middle. 

Ad Copy Example: “This eco-friendly product could be yours. Made of responsibly sourced materials, you can buy without the guilt”

3. Connect with your audience by making your ad copy personal

You can make your ad copy more personal simply by including words such as “you” or “your” in your ad copy. This is a way of talking directly to your consumer. 

When making these retargeting ads, pair the copy with an image of the product your consumer viewed or had an interest in. This tactic is also known as a dynamic ad. 

This works because it helps to continue to establish trust with your audience and helps to capture their attention with more intimate language, leading to conversions. 

Ad Copy Example: “This product was made for you. Try it on and see how you feel.”

4. Gain your consumers’ trust with social proof 

Your potential customers might not take your word about how great your product is, so show them the proof. Use the reviews from your past customers in your retargeting ad to show your audience in the middle of the funnel how their problem could be solved. 

Social proof is also great for establishing credibility and might make them more likely to purchase knowing others have had a good experience with your product. Test if your audience prefers longer reviews or testimonials versus short ones in the ad copy. 

Ad Copy Example: “This product has completely changed my routine. I won’t be trying any other brands!” – John D. 

5. Educate your audience on how they can get the most out of your product

In the middle of the advertising funnel, your consumers are aware of your brand, but they still need more information about your product. A good way to retarget is to educate them about how to get the most out of their experience with your product. 

Try to go beyond the problem-solving aspect. How is the product multifunctional? How can they incorporate it into different settings? Consider your product features and how each can be useful then incorporate that into your advertisement. 

Ad Copy Example: “This product isn’t just a fashion statement. Our adaptable material makes them perfect for the gym too.”

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Bottom of the funnel retargeting tips

Customers stuck at the bottom of the advertising funnel are your recent visitors who are most interested in your products. These potential customers have abandoned their carts, left your website without making a purchase, or viewed your products, and need some extra motivation. 

The retargeting ads shown to them need to keep your products top of mind and maybe even include a great deal. These ads should not be shown to people unaware of your brand or people who have not viewed your product. 

Here are a few retargeting tips that will encourage your audience towards conversions:

6. Drive conversions with discounts and other irresistible offers

People love to save money, especially when it’s on a brand they’re interested in. If your consumers know they can take a few dollars off their tab, they may be more inclined to buy. This tactic especially works for consumers who may have abandoned their shopping cart. 

Try offering a flash sale, a percentage off their first order, a few dollars off of their purchase, or free shipping. This will help to motivate your potential customers towards conversion if they’re stuck at this point in the marketing funnel. 

Ad Copy Example: “Treat yourself and take 20% off of your first order!”

7. Keep your brand top of mind by updating your audience 

Another good tip to use when retargeting past visitors is to use ads to keep them updated with new products they may be interested in. This tactic especially works well with consumers who have already made purchases to continue to keep your brand top of mind. 

Keeping your audience updated at this point in the funnel works because you know that these people are interested in your brand. If you retarget them, let them know they’re not forgotten, they will be more likely to purchase again. This method is also a great way to keep your audience updated on new products that they may be interested in.

Ad Copy Example: “Have you browsed our new collection? We think you might be interested in these new products!” 

8. DON’T MISS OUT! Create a sense of urgency in your retargeting ads

When you create a sense of urgency, your consumers will feel more compelled to make a purchase for fear of missing out on a great deal. This tactic is good for helping people to move down the funnel if they have abandoned their cart. It also brings people back to your website to get an exclusive offer. 

Try limited-time offers, exclusive collections, or flash sales when using this tactic. When consumers have a time limit to make a decision on a purchase they are more likely to get the product, especially if they have made a purchase previously. 

Ad Copy Example: “It’s here today… and it could be gone tomorrow. Hurry before it gets away!”

9. Don’t be afraid to ask your consumers directly if they’re still looking

Another effective retargeting tip to include in your strategy is to ask if your consumer is still looking. This tactic will pair well with a product they have interacted with or put into their cart. 

It’s also a great way to remind your consumers that they were looking to solve a problem, and the solution is still there. Here, it is good to try to reiterate why the particular product will be beneficial for them 

Ad Copy Example: “Did you forget something? Take another look!”

10. Boost your profit with cross-selling and upselling 

Cross-selling and upselling are retargeting tactics for consumers in the bottom of the funnel that show them more buying options than the ones they are interested in.

With cross-selling, you are showing your consumers products from a different set than the one they purchased in. With upselling, you are encouraging your consumers to consider buying from a different product category with higher profitability. 

When retargeting using these tactics it is important to show relevant items to your consumers and not just any random product from your store. This will move them towards purchasing again and can bring you an increase in average order value overall. 

Ad Copy Example: “You’re going to need some accessories to go with your phone. Check out our collection of phone cases and screen protectors”

11. Capture your audience’s attention with an intro card

An intro card is a great way to retarget your audience with a message that is specific to them or a discount to catch their attention. This will always appear before the products in a dynamic product carousel ad

If you’re showing an item your consumer has already viewed an intro card is not necessary. For a successful ad, make sure the ad copy works with all of the products presented in the carousel. 

Ad Copy Example: “Forgot something? Come back and take advantage of 10% off, while supplies last!”

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