Building an ecommerce hub in Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business manager settings

The world of online marketing and advertising is… complicated. Facebook has undergone massive changes in the last few years and all the new features and advancements have left a lot of people understandably feeling unsure of where to begin, and a little unsure of what the Facebook Business Manager can even do. 

So if you’re looking to leverage Facebook Business Manager to grow your e-commerce store, I will quickly explain the main reason you should configure your Facebook Business Manager account, and explain the top features. With this quick guide, you will be attracting new clients and retargeting your e-commerce store’s traffic in no time. 

(Ready to jump in? Scroll down to our helpful Facebook Business Manager Configuration Checklist and get started 😉)

What are the advantages of Facebook Business Manager for e-commerce businesses? 

First off, although I am about to list the advantages of using a Business Manager account, I want to state that this isn’t an article by Facebook trying to recruit more users (they really don’t need any help finding people who want to run ads on their platform).

E-commerce click-through rates on Facebook have tripled in the last two years. Between Facebook and Instagram, the two platforms account for 91.1% of the social referral traffic to us e-commerce sites.  For now, Facebook’s Pixel and e-commerce store catalog integrations make it the absolute easiest way for any e-commerce to begin advertising. Below are the main benefits of the setup.

The top Facebook Business Manager features for e-commerce businesses

  • Create and run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Facebook Audience Network
  • Run personalized retargeting campaigns with dynamic ad sets that pull in the real-time data from your store’s catalog
  • Build custom audiences based on Website visits, Facebook activity or Facebook’s audience targeting with (literally too many to list) characteristics 
  • Create lookalike audiences from your top converting customers
  • Automate and personalize your ad sequences for your store’s unique customer journey
  • Grant safe access to third-party ad creative services, agencies, and ad management automation tools if you’re outsourcing any aspect of your ad strategy
  • Automate the A/B testing and optimization of campaigns
  • Easily track campaign performance and results

Configure your Facebook Business Manager Account

Below is a comprehensive Facebook Business Manager configuration check sheet with links to detailed instructions. You may have already accomplished many of the tasks listed below. The list covers the basics up to more advanced configurations like connecting your product catalog feed. 

The steps that can sometimes be more technically difficult are marked with an “ * ” but check out the last section of this article for a tip on how to easily hack these steps!

Facebook Business Manager Configuration Checklist

(Get this checklist and even more information in our downloadable Facebook Business Manager Guide!)

The one hack to configure them all *

As promised, here is the quick hack to configure all the trickier aspects of your e-commerce advertising hub listed above.

And the hack is (drum roll please) to set up a free trial with our powerful tool Brainity, since that’s what it does all day, every day, like a boss. 

Brainity is a platform that helps online stores easily prospect and retarget with Facebook and Instagram ads on autopilot, and it’s a great tool for people who are in the process of configuring their Facebook Business Manager account and advertising hub because it does all the boring stuff for you. 

The Brainity platform automatically does every advanced step on the list above, like a helpful little robot servant. Oops we didn’t mean to say servant! Brainity loves his job…and we think of him as one of the family.

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