How to Write Facebook Ad Headlines That Increase Sales

Are you neglecting your headlines when you make your Facebook ad? They’re as important as your text and contribute to increasing sales...

Your Facebook ad headlines are short but mighty. They capture user attention and interests and can often make a significant impact on the success of your advertisements. 

A strong headline can be the extra push your consumers need to click your ad. In spite of this, they can often be neglected or not prioritized like text. 

Though your consumers see the text before headlines, you can use those 40 characters to continue your Facebook ad message. We’re going to go over the best methods for writing headlines to increase your overall conversions. 

How to write the perfect Facebook ad headlines

Here are seven tried and true ways to write the perfect Facebook ad headlines: 

Aim for 5 word headlines 

Aim for 5 word headlines

There is not unlimited space for your headline. As mentioned before, you have around 40 characters to work with, so it’s important to quickly get to the point. 

Research recommends using five words; the headlines that consumers engage with the most are this long. Your consumers need clarity in order to be encouraged to purchase, but they don’t want to spend time reading too much. 

Five words is not too long and prevents your main point from being lost in among too many words. 

Use words that connect 

Use words that connect in your facebook ad headline

Trust-building is a great way to drive sales at your ecommerce store. One way to accomplish this in your headlines is to connect with your target audience. These could be words that evoke an emotion or words that create a sense of familiarity. 

If you’re addressing your consumers in your headline make sure to use words that show familiarity such as “you” or “your”. This is a great way to connect with your audience and makes the headline more conversational. 

To evoke an emotion you should consider using words that make people feel something when they’re purchasing. For example, a headline such as “Guaranteed free shipping” may evoke a feeling of assurance and motivation.

Create a sense of urgency 

Create a sense of urgency in your headline

Creating a sense of urgency with your headline text is a great motivator for your consumers to click your ad and proceed to the website. With text that isn’t time-sensitive, it’s easy to ignore it and come back later. 

Making your headlines urgent, your consumers will not want to miss out on what’s being offered. If they are made aware that a sale won’t last long or that there is limited stock on the product they’re interested in, there’s an incentive to shop immediately. 

For this headline tactic to be successful, ensure that the offer is relevant to the audience the ad is shown to and that your audience is familiar with your brand. 

Describe your product with more detail  

Describe your product with more detail in your ad headline

Using your headline to explain your product more in-depth is also a great way to write perfect headlines to increase sales. 

This not only saves your consumer time from researching other brands, but it also prevents them from having to click anywhere else other than your ad. 

With the space you have, you can quickly sum up the value of your product in a way that motivates your consumers to want to know more. Think of an attention-grabbing way to describe your product or summarize how it can solve your consumers’ problem. 

Emphasize sales, deals, and other irresistible offers

Emphasize sales, deals, and other irresistible offers in your headline

Another way to increase your conversions is to emphasize the sales and deals you’re having at the time. While you can use your text to do this, your headline can reinforce the message; especially if your text is long. 

What’s more, is that this encourages consumers to visit your store given that the headline is so close to the call to action. Since you’ve got 40 characters though, prioritize the biggest sales in your headline. 

Highlight your unique selling points 

Highlight your unique selling points in your ad headline

Your unique selling point is what sets you apart from your competition. This drives sales because you can educate your consumers very quickly on why they should visit your ecommerce store. 

Including your unique selling point in your headline reminds consumers of your value and why they are interested or should be interested in your brand. 

Keeping in mind that you want to have no more than five words, think of the most important words that describe your brand and make them your headline. 

Include a call to action

Include a call to action in your facebook ad headlines

Even though your ad already includes a call to action, it is beneficial to include another. Think of it as a lead-in for the call to action button. Simply consider the action you want to motivate your consumers toward, and use it as your headline. 

Ensure that the call to action button you choose coincides with the headline. For example, if your headline is about a flash sale ending soon, using “shop now” would be more beneficial than “learn more”. 

Reinforce the message in the text 

Reinforce the message in the text of your headlines

Reinforcing the message in your text is another great way to use your headlines to increase sales. Text is wordy whereas headlines are not, so you can use your headline to highlight the main points of your text. Not only does this strengthen your Facebook ad, but it brings clarity and more attention to what you’re offering. 

If you mention a sale in your text, repeat that in your headline. Or if you have a customer review as your text, use your headline to highlight some other accolades you’ve received. 

Spotlight consumer pain points 

Spotlight consumer paint points in your facebook ads

Consumers are considering your product because they’re looking to solve a problem. Letting them know that you understand their pain points, and can ultimately solve them is a driving factor leading them to convert. 

To accomplish this with your headline, simply consider why your consumers might be interested in your product. Once you have this in mind, think about how your product can be a solution and put this into five words. With the answer to their problems so close to the call to action button, it’s the extra incentive they need to click and visit your store. 

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