20 Copywriting Templates Perfect for Your Facebook Ads for Black Friday

The thought of Black Friday elicits images of long lines, frantic shoppers, and out of stock products. This chaos is only fueled by the hearty Thanksgiving meal shoppers eat the night before. Even though much of Black Friday shopping will be online this year, there will still be millions making purchases. 

During Black Friday Facebook ad costs spike by 25% or more, and you don’t want to waste your advertising budget on ineffective or irrelevant ads. While your consumers may be racing for the perfect deal, you don’t have to race to create the perfect ad. Read on to find out how Brainity’s ad library is a great resource to create relevant ads faster. 

The keys to the best Black Friday ads 

With thousands of ads going out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s important that your ads stand out above the rest. Consumers are drawn to eye-catching ads with creative ad copy that connects with them. Here are a few tips to make your ads more memorable and encourage people to shop your brand:

  • Use common language to stay current. 
  • Include emojis in the copy as a way to draw your audience’s attention
  • Make your ad copy short and straightforward to keep consumers interested
  • Emphasize important points in all caps such as SALE or SAVINGS
  • Take into account your consumers stage in the customer journey and use ad copy relevant to their moment of purchase
  • Have the prices for your discounted items end in .99 as consumers will associate it with a much lower cost
  • Show consumers the old price vs the new prices on your ads
  • Use Brainity’s ad library for different themes to create the perfect tone for your ad 😉

Copywriting examples for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Here are just a few examples of what your Black Friday and Cyber Monday advertisements could look like:

Text: 📣 Starts NOW: Up to 60% off online! 📣 Exclusions apply.
Headine: These Discounts Are Unbelievable 😱

Text: Back in stock for a limited time only ⏰ Get them while you can!
Headine: Get Your Favorites 20% Off

Text: Only hours left to break the internet👩‍💻. 50% off everything
Headine: 🚨50% off EVERYTHING🚨

Text: You snooze you lose 😴 Don’t let these styles sell out!
Headline: Super Sitewide Savings 🧑‍💻

Text: Our most popular products are now up to 50% off 🔥 Take your pick 😛
Headline: Looking to save? Shop now

Text: 🏃These top styles are selling 𝐹𝐴𝑆𝑇 🚀
Headline: 10% off your first order

Text: Introducing your new fave outfit 💘 Shop new season styles with up to 60% off everything!
Headline: Shop Until You Drop 🛍

Text: We have some ✨amazing✨ deals for you this Black Friday weekend
Headline: Black Friday 60% off Sitewide

Text: 📱Up to 50% off everything online only. Shop Cyber Monday deals💻
Headline: Cyber Monday Big Discount SALE

Text: 👀 What are you doing looking at this ad?!🗣 START SHOPPING
Headline: Ready. Set. Save!🏃

Find more than 500 copywriting examples in Brainity’s ad library

An ad library is a collection of copywriting templates that can be used for many different industries. These libraries are a great resource for any business to have, providing inspiration for ad copy all in one place. This copy ranges from headlines to actual text. 

With a Brainity account, which you can make for free, you will be able to browse over 500 templates of ad copy. Here’s how to use the ad library 

  • First, create a free account. You can sign up here. No credit card required.
  • Once your account is made, choose the theme you feel will best convey the tone of your advertisement. There are seven themes to choose from including playful + edgy, eco-friendly, general, sale, retargeting, events + holiday, and luxury. 
  • After your theme is chosen, there is an option for headline copy or text copy.
  •  The last step is to select the language you want your advertisement to display in. 

When you complete these steps, hundreds of options for ad copy will display. 

How Brainity Can Help With Your Ad Experience 

Brainity makes Facebook advertising easy all while retargeting potential customers and showing your audience the right ads at the right time—after all, nobody clicks on irrelevant ads.

Brainity automates unique ad campaigns that adapt across all platforms and placement, attracting new customers with engaging ads. With our software, you can build intelligent ads that drive traffic to your store and boost sales.

Do you have trouble navigating the Facebook ad process? Do you pay too much money for ineffective ads? Try Brainity for free for 14 days and see how your experience can be different.

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