How automation will expand advertising accessibility

automated facebook ads

Over the course of my career in digital advertising, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the potential of the industry and who has access to it. Which has now lead me to think a lot about automated Facebook ads…

Consumer preferences have shifted towards making their purchases online, resulting in the average Click Through Rate for Facebook e-commerce ads tripling in just the last 3 years. But as the potential rewards have increased competition has intensified, and the stakes keep rising.

The unfortunate truth is, Facebook has a steep learning curve and increasingly complex campaign structures and strategies. As a result, the businesses unable to pay for an ad expert or contract an agency have been increasingly pushed out.

Before founding my company I worked building digital advertising strategies both at an agency and later as a freelance consultant. I had the opportunity to work with household names and “never heard of them before” brands.

While working with Educo, Facebook created a case study of their campaign to showcase its incredible results. I got to see first-hand how badly small and medium-sized businesses need access to professional strategies that are often out of the reach of their budgets.

Building the solution

After identifying the clear need in the industry, I got inspired to find a solution. My goal was to help e-commerce businesses easily access the most powerful advertising tactics and features available.

I became obsessed with the idea that with the right software, I could find a way to automate a lot of how I was manually managing clients’ advertising strategies. I wanted automated Facebook ads and to simplify the high-level campaign structures I implemented for my clients, without losing performance.

From there I could empower clients to manage their campaigns themselves. This meant that I would need to automate the “full-funnel” customer journey ad campaigns I was creating, and build campaigns able to leverage specific messaging for every stage of the marketing funnel.

I spoke with a programming friend of mine who specialized in artificial intelligence and we started exploring how it could be done. We decided to build a minimum viable product and see if we could generate results for our enthusiastic first users. 

Those first users’ campaigns were successful and we were able to showcase their experience to investors. We acquired funding, built the platform, and launched Brainity in March 2019. One of Spain’s top accelerators, Seedrocket, chose us as one of the most promising startups of the year. Since then we’ve been busy growing our user base and refining our platform.

Our first year

Our goal is not only to build campaigns faster and easier, but to build campaigns that get results. That’s why we built the platform based on the current cutting edge strategies and best practices in the industry. Brainity configures each campaign to continuously optimize and improve targeting over time.

After a year running our automated Facebook ads platform, we’ve achieved an exceptional average ROAS for our users of 5.02. We’ve managed to create effective customer journey campaigns, at scale, that improve campaign performance and add real value to e-commerce stores. Brainity can’t magically sell SlimFast to toddlers and we wouldn’t want to claim that it can. What it can do, however, is deliver great results for companies that have a good market fit.

What does the future hold for automated Facebook ads?

We are excited to soon launch a new enhancement of Brainity’s current customer journey campaign structure. The feature will make it possible to retarget traffic with automated Facebook ads for every stage of their customer journey. 

We will also soon be launching new pricing tiers that will give users more flexibility. With the new plans, users will be able to pick the features that best fit their priorities and budget. (As a small business ourselves we know how it feels to need to make every investment count 😅)

In addition we will continue to offer all new users a free 14-day trial and strive to exceed their expectations. Our month-to-month subscription business model only works if we continue to successfully generate results for our users. Which is why we work shoulder to shoulder with our users towards our shared goals.

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