The 7 Ecommerce Ad Library Themes for Your Facebook Ads

Need inspiration for your ads? Use an ad library to find hundreds of copywriting templates and inspiration for your ecommerce...

If you ever need inspiration for ad copy for your ecommerce Facebook ads, we suggest browsing through an ad library. This resource is a collection of copywriting templates including headlines and text.

An ad library is a great asset for any ecommerce store providing hundreds of copywriting templates across industries. Ad libraries are also searchable, so you can look through hundreds of results that fit your advertising needs in one place. What’s more, this resource makes advertising easier than ever; you provide the images, and the copy is readily available. 

Brainity’s ad library is the largest searchable ad library on the internet providing 500+ copywriting templates in English and Spanish. With our advanced keyword search, you can enter specific words or emojis that you’re looking to include in your copy. 

There are also seven themes you can choose from including Retargeting, Luxury, Sale, Playful + Edgy, Eco-Friendly, General, and Event+Holiday. These themes are available so you can tailor the ad to the brand voice of your ecommerce store. 

Let’s walk through the seven major themes for copywriting templates you can find in your ad library.

7 themes you can find in your ad library

Here are the seven major themes you can find in your ad library. Find the ones that fit your ecommerce store’s voice the best!

🔄 Retargeting:

The Retargeting theme is great for catching the customer that got away. Use Retargeting to reach back out to consumers that abandoned carts and browsed your ecommerce store without making a purchase. 

Retargeting is also great for targeting past purchasers to keep your brand top of mind. This is typically best for your audience in the middle and bottom of the advertising funnel. This copy is beneficial for any ecommerce store. 


Headline: We saw you lookin’! ❤️
Text: We see you checking us out!!! 👀 Hurry back and grab 10% off! 💸

Headline: Forget something? 🛍 🛍
Text: You were ALMOST there 😥… Pick up where you left off before your cart expires! 🛒 ⏰

Headline: Don’t forget about me🌟
Text: Still thinking about it? 🧠 Well don’t think too hard! There’s only a few left, SHOP NOW! 🛒

Headline: Take another look 😎
Text: Hi, again. Have you seen our newest collection? 👀 We’ve really outdone ourselves this time 😏

Headline: Psst…forgetting something? 👀🔮
Text: Did life get in the way? Come back and finish your purchase! We saved these items just for you 😉

💎 Luxury:

The Luxury theme is great for premium stores. These ecommerce stores are typically advertising high quality, aesthetic goods. In the ad library, Luxury ad copy emphasizes product descriptions or sources. 

Use this theme when you’re advertising for rings and other jewelry, handbags, wristwatches, exclusive collections, designer clothing, and more. 


Headline: Shine Bright Like A Diamond 💎
Text: Discover unique pieces of jewelry, hand crafted with an array of genuine semi-precious stones 💎

Headline: The limited release collectable
Text: Our innovative bar with screw closure design keeps charms neatly on your wrist, so that you can always carry your story with you ✨

Headline: Minimalistic and timeless ⌚️
Text: Vintage dive-inspired design, with a modern automatic movement inside. Tell time with style ⌚️

Headline: The IT Bag of the Season 👜
Text: Shop the elegant yet practical handbag collection, handcrafted in Spain by artisans 👜

Headline: Must-have functional statement accessories
Text: This is that jewelry store your friends was telling you about 💎 Browse our unique jewelry collections today

📣 Sale:

Use the Sale theme when you need to advertise special promotions at your ecommerce store. This theme is perfect for any store with seasonal sales, discounts, flash sales, weekend sales, price reductions, exclusive discounts, and even new product arrivals. 

The Sale theme helps to highlight the important deals you want your consumers to take action on. With the use of emojis and engaging language, these templates are sure to catch your audiences’ attention. 


Text: ⚠️ URGENT⚠️ 
YOU’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME ⌛️ 30% OFF Everything ENDS SOON! Hurry & Shop Before You Miss Out!😱

Headline: These Discounts Are Unbelievable 😱
Text: Oh hey rad new things. Wanna see more? Head to site RN to see what’s going down ❤️ Grab 60% Off EVERYTHING 🌟

Text: 🎉 It’s time to go on a big shopping spree…because everything is up to 75% off! Join us! Shop our surprise sale now 🎉

Headline: Hurry, this sale ends soon! ⌛️

Headline: 15% off your first order 
Text: Add-to-Cart: 🛒 The newest chic pieces from your favorite designers. Enjoy 15% off your first order, exclusions apply ✨

🤖 Playful + Edgy:

The Playful/Edgy theme is great to use if you’re going for a lighthearted, carefree tone. This is a great way to connect with your audience, using language they would typically use with their friends. 

This theme is comprised of ad copy with popular slang, common sayings, and trendy catchphrases. There is also a unique use of emojis more than usual. Use the Playful/Edgy theme if you’re trying to target a younger audience. 


Headline: We’re ready if you’re ready 😍
Text: Want happy feet? 👣 Look NO further! 👀 The HOTTEST styles for your tootsies! 👟

Headline: Baby this style is electric ⚡️
The newest dreamy distressed denim is HERE, and comes in all sizes 🙌

Headline: Current mood: Comfortable ☁️
Text: Wear-all-day styles that pass the sit, squat & nap test? Yes plz ✅ If floating away on ☁️ of comfy goodness is your thing, you need these leggings NOW!

Headline: This + you = meant to be
Text: Babe, don’t work for your outfit, make it work for you 💁‍♀️ Statement-making styles are finally here ✨

Headline: You know you want to…😉
Text: 50 shades of slay 🎨✨ We’re throwing all the hottest shades your way so you can pick your faves and stunt 😜

🌱 Eco-Friendly:

The Eco-Friendly theme is perfect for ecommerce stores looking to promote their ethically sourced or sustainable materials. With this theme, you can highlight your unique selling points such as where your products are sourced from or the materials they are made from. 

This theme highlights ad copy for products that are vegan, cruelty-free, outdoors-related, or contributing to earth preservation efforts. 


Headline: Recycled ♻️ Eco-Friendly 🌱 Clean 🧼
Text: Shop our new limited edition colors. All made with planet-friendly natural materials 🌎

Headline: Shop Sustainable + Stylish
Text: Give chilly weather the cold shoulder in a weather repellent jacket made from natural materials 🌨

Headline: The ultimate vegan eco sneaker
Text: Made with sustainable, natural materials, these are shoes you’ll feel good in – and good about 🌱👟

Headline: Less Waste, No Guilt
Text: ♻️ Refresh, Rewear, Recycle: Our efforts to reduce waste, extend product life and slow consumption are the foundation for purposeful wardrobe building ♻️

Headline: Rugged good looks 🌲
Text: Nothing compares to that “new boots” feeling. Get ready to fall in love with our new fall collection of vegan leather boots and purses.

🛍 General 

Use the General theme if you’re looking for ad copy that doesn’t necessarily require a specific tone or theme. It’s neutral enough to work with any industry your ecommerce store is a part of. 

The copywriting templates in this theme are still engaging and provide copy that will connect with any audience. Browse the general theme for ad copy to talk about your brand, describe your product, encourage your audience to shop, and much more. 


Headline: Get ready for cool days ahead 😎
Text: Offering premium comfort and flexibility 🏊‍♂️ These board shorts are designed to keep you surfing longer 🏄‍♂️

Headline: Make it yours 💕
Text: Shop the latest trends in YOUR SIZE! 🙌 Get all your floral needs with quick shipping 🌺

Headline: You deserve this 🤩
Text: Full coverage foundation 🎨 Hydrating serum 💦 SPF 50 ☀️ Yeah that’s a triple threat.

Headline: Get this in your cart! 🛒
Text: Comfy (check. ✔️) Practical (yes. 👍) Fun (always. 💁) – Explore cozy &  cute to keep your at-home uniforms feeling fab ✨

Headline: You Need This ASAP 🙌
Text: 💦 Take a dip in our dreamy NEW collection of tie dye 🌈 Available now for a limited time!

🎁 Event+Holiday

The Event + Holiday theme is the ultimate source of ad copy for major shopping holidays such as Black Friday, Christmas, and others. Use this theme for copywriting templates sure to get you and your audience in the spirit of any holiday. 

This theme is beneficial for any ecommerce store and takes some of the stress out of preparing your Facebook ads for holidays. In the Event + Holiday theme you can expect ad copy with specific holiday sales, promotions for holiday products, or general holiday themed copy. 


Headline: Get in the Spirit 🎅
Text: 🎄The holiday are right around the corner! Best offers of the year! Bargain Boom! Shop Now! 🎄

Headline: New Year, New You 🥳
Text: You have your New Year’s resolution list, we have a way for you to stick to them 💪

Headline: Shopping gives you good luck 👍 
Text: Happy Friday the 13th! 💋What fits today’s mood more than all black ‘fits? Get luck with these styles you don’t have to rock on the 13th! 🎱

Headline: Scary good deals 😈
Text: Hey Boo, Halloween is here! 👻 Stock up on your faves 🎃 

Headline: Black Friday + Cyber Monday = SUPER SALE
Text: 💸 Treat yourself to the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals of the season 💸 

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