Ad Library: The Must-Have Resource with over 400 Ad Copy Templates

Coming up with the perfect ad copy for your advertisements can be complex. You want to figure out the right words to connect with your audience, and you don’t want to get it wrong.

Having ad copy templates ready for use in your ad library can help with this. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of an ad library and how you can use Brainity’s ad library for free. 

What is an ad library?

An ad library is a collection of copywriting templates across a variety of industries. These libraries are a great tool in the marketing industry, providing ad copy inspiration for a vast amount of advertisements.

This copy ranges from headlines to actual text. Like a Google search for advertising copy, it yields hundreds of results and allows you to customize your search to your needs.

You can search for specific terms, brands, and other keywords. Overall, ad libraries are great for finding advertising inspiration all in one place. 

However, large platforms might have a specific use for ad libraries and lack some features. For example, the purpose of the Facebook ad library is to offer transparency of ads and for marketers to have a way to track competitors’ tactics.

With this type of ad library, it can be more difficult as you can’t search for specific themes or keywords, and the brands you’re searching for may not be running ads.

Brainity’s ad library makes the ad library easier by offering an advanced search for keywords and different themes. This is described more in detail below. 

What are the benefits of an ad library?

One of the many benefits of having an ad library is always being prepared when developing advertisements. The ad library keeps relevant, trendy, and effective copy at your fingertips, even allowing you to customize the words to fit your brand perfectly. 

Ad libraries are also a great way to elevate your advertising and ensure you’re always aware of what your competitors are doing. The ad library is especially helpful when using ad automation software like Brainity. The templates are readily available when Brainity’s software is automating ad campaigns that tell your brand’s story and help grow your business.  

Brainity’s ad library

What you can find in Brainity’s ad library

As mentioned before Brainity’s ad library gives you access to over 400 templates.  These ad copy templates can be used at different stages of the marketing funnel. Use one of the seven different themes to set the tone you want to communicate to your target audience. They are also helpful so that you’re prepared for any time of year whether it be season changes, sales, holidays, and much more.

How to use it

With Brainity’s ad Library you have access to over 400 templates in English and Spanish (and growing) for your ad copy for free—just create a Brainity account at absolutely no cost. Once you have an account, simply:

  • Choose a theme for your advertisement. These themes include playful + edgy, eco-friendly, general, sale, retargeting, events + holiday, and luxury.
  • Choose your copy type whether it be a headline or text. 
  • To complete the search, select the language you prefer to have in your advertisement. 
  • Pick the best copies from hundreds of options for templates that will display. 

Here are just a few examples of the theme and copy you can find in Brainity’s ad library:

Check out the Luxury theme in Brainity’s free ad library


The Luxury theme in our ad library is perfect for premium businesses. Try this theme for your ad copy when you’re advertising for jewelry and accessories, wristwatches, exclusive collections, designer clothing, and much more.

Check out the Eco-Friendly theme in Brainity’s free ad library


The Eco-Friendly theme is great for promoting your business that uses ethically sourced products or sustainable materials. This theme showcases copy for your vegan, cruelty-free, outdoors, and other earth preserving products.

Check out the Playful/Edgy theme in Brainity’s free ad library


Use the Playful/Edgy theme as a lighthearted way to connect with your audience with common sayings and popular slang. This theme is also great for connecting with a younger audience or incorporating trendy catchphrases into your ad copy.

Check out the Sale theme in Brainity’s free ad library


The Sale theme is a good option to use for seasonal sales, discounts, flash sales, weekend sales, and more price reductions. This theme is also great for promoting new product arrivals and exclusive discounts.

Check out the General theme in Brainity’s free ad library


Use the General theme when you need inspiration for your ad copy, but don’t need specific themes. Though this theme is neutral, it still includes purposeful ad copy that will connect with your audience.

Additional Tips

Here are three tips for optimizing your ad library:

  1. Check out what the competition is doing: Review competitor ads and find out how they’re reaching your shared audiences. Take notes on their wording and the tone of their copy. 
  2. Learn what your target audience responds to: Stay up to date on industry trends and find out what words move your target audience to action. 
  3. Try Brainity: With Brainity you have access to over 400 templates for your ads, and this number is growing every day. Sign up for your free account today!

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