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Are your ads making money?

Facebook and Instagram are great platforms for generating sales, but only when they’re used strategically. Bad ads, outdated tactics, and expensive ad agencies can easily suffocate your growth and make it hard to break-even.

Facebook is complex

Advanced advertising tactics are complex. It can be difficult to choose the right strategies and learn how to implement them.

Optimization is time consuming

Manually reviewing and optimizing campaigns is a full-time job if you want to be successful, and small errors can be costly.

Costly experts

The high management fees of ad agencies and experts can suffocate growth and make it hard to break-even.

Take the guesswork out of Facebook ads

Brainity’s approach is simple. We empower you to build intelligent ads that drive traffic to your store, engage your audience over time, and boost sales.

Implement advanced strategies

Cut through the noise and keep your ad costs low by delivering engaging ads in a sequence, spending your budget on the people most likely to become customers.

Save time and effort

Improve your decision-making and confidently manage your own ad strategy with an intuitive platform that guides you towards best practices, and offers an extensive searchable ad library.

Leverage self-optimization

Brainity’s advanced AI intelligently distributes your budget, curates audiences, and optimizes performance with minimal manual oversight.

Brainity makes ads easy

All platforms, all placements

Ads adapt automatically to every placement on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network.

Your inventory in real time

Product details and images are dynamically available during ad creation and remain synced in real-time to keep all launched campaigns updated.

Self–adjusting campaigns

Automatic budget adjustment and audience optimization save time and reduce the need for manual tweaking.

Ads that find the right customer

Ads are personalized to fit multiple different audience profiles and engage potential customers with targeted messages that guide your customers through the buying process.


Brainity intuitively guides you through onboarding and helps you build campaigns step-by-step to take the headaches out of ad management.

Extensive searchable ad library

Brainity hosts the biggest keyword-searchable ad library to provide inspirational examples of high-converting ad copy and make creating ads easier and more enjoyable.

What users love about us?

Check out all the reviews in Shopify and WordPress.


Brainity has seamless integration with the most popular e-commerce apps. It’s very easy to install.

Ad Library

Perfect for people new to ads who want a little help.

  • +800 ad copy examples (and growing)
  • English & Spanish texts
  • Up to 7 different themes
  • Facebook Product Catalog creation
  • Facebook Pixel and events installation


Prospecting & Retargeting to grow your traffic & sales. Perfect for new stores.

  • Unlimited ad spend
  • Leverage automatic budget optimization
  • Optimize for all ad placements on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger & Audience Network
  • Receive weekly reports
  • Create unlimited ads in all formats: video ads, single ads, carousel ads, dynamic creative & product ads
  • Access in-app chat, e-mail support & help center
  • Standard Prospecting: attract new visitors
  • Standard Retargeting: engage people who viewed products or abandoned carts
  • Use up to 2 ad sets per campaign
  • Filter products by availability


Everything growth-focused stores need to execute advanced strategies.

All features in the Starter plan plus:

  • Unlimited ad set creation
  • Powerful Prospecting: create multiple customer profiles & segment your audiences granularly
  • Full-Funnel Retargeting: reach FB/IG engagers, bounced visitors, & traffic to specific pages & products
  • Advanced product filters

* Flat rate. Ad spend is not included and must be paid to Facebook.

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