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Grow Your Sales by 4,73x Without the Hard Work

We help increase the sales of growing e-commerce brands with automatic Facebook & Instagram campaigns.

Automatic Stream of Revenue

Launch Facebook & Instagram campaigns that will always find new customers.

Advanced Self-Optimization

Brainity automatically improves your campaigns over time with the most advanced optimization.

Delightful Experience

We enhance your ad management making it extremely easy, time efficient and convenient.

Multiple Campaigns. One Funnel.

Brainity eliminates silos between different campaigns and puts them to work together to grow your sales.

Brainity automatically finds potential customers, brings them to your store and retargets those who left without buying.

  • A seamless combination of campaigns focused on making sales.
  • All platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network.
  • All placements: news feed, stories, right column, banners, etc.

Define your perfect audience and Brainity will attract to your store those most likely to become customers.

  • Focused on getting the right traffic at the lowest possible cost.
  • Advanced campaign structure with Interest and Lookalike based audiences.
  • Effortless setup and intuitive use.

Make more sales retargeting the people who recently visited your store, showed interest, but left without purchasing.

  • Instant setup of Dynamic Ads with images and details from your catalog.
  • Accurate ad budgeting based on your traffic and market.
  • Auto-sync with your products to show only those in stock.

Once you have launched your campaign you don't have to spend time optimizing your campaigns to release their full potential.

  • Dynamic budget distribution between campaigns.
  • Select and update the best optimization event for each campaign.
  • Automatic audience building and curation.

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